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Saturday, March 17, 2018

__ Continuing to positively look forward we wish spring would arrive more quickly, as the housecats wish beyond the window glass.  A slight change to this seasonal look forward, recently seen at the Haikuniverse site.  

humming birds 
discuss this flower garden
housecats wish


Gwil W said...

behind the glass
those feline wishes
still take flight

Jan/JFM said...

iridescent gems
sweet garden's drink of nectar
furry dreamers watch~JFM

You always inspire me and other's with your thoughts and great haikus_m! Thank you 💮

Rachel said...

Hinter dem Glas Kolobris
Federn in der Luft

Nein, nein, an deine Haikus komme ich niemals ran, du bist und bleibst mein Meister.

Sonne für dich
herzlichst, Rachel

Crafty Green Poet said...

this one made me smile

sandy said...

i see this acted out daily - the cat's relate to this. Nice haiku - i really like it.

Magyar said...

__ So happy your smiled, thanks Juliet; this flow of nature_!
__ Thank you too, Sandy, as you count the cats' nose-marks on the window glass, nifty_!

Sandy said...

I know what the cats are discussing!

Magyar said...

__ Gwilym, we know our wishes will all, "still take flight." Smiles!
__ Jan, keeping to the minimal, causes the "furry dreamers" to imagine. Nifty
__ Rachel, the Haustkatz watching the Kolobris behind the Glas, great. As I blush, you offer praise beyond my worth!

I truly appreciate and I thank you all for such kind comments! _m

Magyar said...

__ Thanks Maine Sandy; we know as the cat's tail stiffens... the survival of calls. Smiles! _m

as we see
this cat's whiskers twitch
tense pose

Leslie Moon said...

cold ice whispers
warm breezes in my mind
pink blossom dream

Happy Spring my friend!!!

Magyar said...

__ Moonie, so good to see you, and I thank you for your kind visit and haiku comment; and further I thank you for your worldly giving... to they that need_!

Geraldine said...

What lovely words. Mr. Cheddar approves too.🐱 we are all so wishing for warmer days and sunshine.🐝🌞 Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend Magyar.😂

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