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Friday, March 23, 2018

__ With each silent drop that strikes its brass, the eyes' senses may imagine the sound of that bell.  Smiles.

closer sun
melts away this lingered snow 
a brass bell


Jan/JFM said...

fair and just rewards
death to winter's white folly
one patch at a time~JFM

In answer to your fantastic Haiku _m.
Keep on ringing that brass bell Mr. Sun!!!

sandy said...

love your haiku Magyar and how fun to see Jan's along with it. great job both of you.

Rachel said...

Wieder ein so gutes Haiku, dass viel Raum lässt für Gefühle.

Lieber Magyar, ich wünsche dir von ganzem Herzen ein gutes gesegnetes Osterfest.

Dir und deiner Familie
ganz liebe Grüße

Sandy said...

Love both of the poems. I wish I could think as fast as Jan!

Adelaide said...

the last patch of snow
dandelion or daffodil
waiting below


Magyar said...

__ I truly thank you all... Jan, California Sandy, Rachel, Maine Sandy, and Adelaide; I offer my best wishes. _m

Leslie Moon said...

soft warm breeze
a battle of the seasons
ice blows her chill

Gwil W said...

I think we've seen the last of the snow, although there is an annual weather event, a cold snap the locals call 'the ice men' to come before we can say it's all safely behind us.

Magyar said...

__ Thank you for your visit, and your well seeing haiku Moonie! My humble echo.

seasons war
meeting at this weather front
a truce

__ Gwilym... I hope "The Ice Men" are just passing through, and that they leave no "litter" behind! Smiles, and thanks Gwil.


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