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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

__ An invented response to a friend's post, some might consider it crude, but 'tis "nature's mark" of  "ownership,"  and less crude than that seen on the internet, or on TV,  the stage, movies, or in some photos of  "Celebrities."  
__ Too, this old dog has left his "nature's mark",  its "ownership" of the new car. Smiles! _m

the old dog
fully inspects this new car 
a wet tire


JFM said...

A dog's true best friend is a car's tire :)
I think your response was funny_m!!! 🐕

Ashi said...

If this "nature's mark" stands for value, my dog Ironman, Golden Retriever, owns a third part of the town ;)

Sandy said...

I love it!

Magyar said...

With smiles, I fully thank you, Jan, Sandy and Jens!

quick jaunt
this beagle abruptly stops
fire hydrant

Okay... OK OK OK, 'nough dog stuff! _m

grapeling said...

government is tired
can the pooch give his salute
to the orange fool?

Geraldine said...

Don't they just love "christening" those shiny clean tires!!! What a fun haiku Magyar.

Have a super weekend! :-)

rosy123 said...

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