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Friday, May 18, 2018

__ So often, within the sane endings of nature... new beginnings are given.

reddened salmon
swim upstream to their end
the beginnings


Rachel said...

Lieber Magyar,
ja, so wünschen wir uns für die Zukunft. Danke für die Tiefe, die du berührst!

Ich wünsche dir von Herzen eine gute Zeit

liebe Grüße

Ygraine said...

So beautiful...and yet so sad.
The cycle of life that we all so vibrantly expressed...
oh WOW!!

Have a Fabulous Weekend.:))

Gwil W said...

this fish in me
swims three times, in
water, oil and wine.

I've just dined well, but my wine was beer!

JFM said...

the release of hope
a beginning of the end
life moves back downstream~JFM

The males sure are ugly in the end...but such determination to father a new generation.

Hi, -m🙋

Gillena Cox said...

A complete circle to creation's perfection.
Happy Sunday Magyar

much love...

Seaview said...

Sad but beautiful, Magyar.


Magyar said...

My thanks to you:
__ I'm always so appreciative of your visits and nifty comments... Rachel, "Y", Jan, Gillena... and truly I welcome you Marion; Beer and Bass seems a tasty choice Gwilym.
__ I send my smiles to you all! _m

grapeling said...

lice and pens keep them
as far as currents can
which is to say, not

Adelaide said...

fast swimming salmon
we all follow a course
to the end


Magyar said...

__ I thank you both, Adelaide and Grapeling! That water flow strength, seems to be deeply increasing!

Sandy said...

this beautiful place
to see it again
my first and last breath

Magyar said...

For your graceful response Sandy, I thank you!
__ Our "first and last breath" and all the breaths in between that mark our time. _m

first stroke
in this stream of life
a day's swim
the sips of tomorrow
each breath