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Thursday, May 31, 2018

To and fro.  As tides return, we flow forward; summer days. 

the tides
within their flow 
closer sun


Jan (JFM) said...

Good morning _m 🌞

flow out of the depths
while reaching for the unknown
heavens energy~JFM

My response to your wonderful Haiku! You are such an inspiration!
Have a great day 💮

Sandy said...

two gulls
play tag with the tide
a blue kite

I think we enjoy summer in the northeast so much because it doesn't last long.

Magyar said...

Thanks, Jan and Sandy_!
__ Sandy, I truly like this: "gulls, play tag with the tide," and that, they surely do.

__ We, the superannuated, always reach for the unknown. The value of that, Jan... is we never stop reaching.