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Thursday, May 31, 2018

To and fro.  As tides return, we flow forward; summer days. 

the tides
within their flow 
closer sun


Jan (JFM) said...

Good morning _m 🌞

flow out of the depths
while reaching for the unknown
heavens energy~JFM

My response to your wonderful Haiku! You are such an inspiration!
Have a great day 💮

Sandy said...

two gulls
play tag with the tide
a blue kite

I think we enjoy summer in the northeast so much because it doesn't last long.

Magyar said...

Thanks, Jan and Sandy_!
__ Sandy, I truly like this: "gulls, play tag with the tide," and that, they surely do.

__ We, the superannuated, always reach for the unknown. The value of that, Jan... is we never stop reaching.

Rosiana Monbon said...

Mille merci pour tout.
Tu es incroyable, mille bisous pour toi.

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