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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Thoughts are levers, the spoons that stir our dreams.

each moment 
a spoon that stirs our dreams
sip the now


Ashi said...

absolutely right you are

Magyar said...

__ Thank you Jens, I truly appreciate your visit and comment!

Gwil W said...

the coffee served
today lukewarm
with apple strudel cold

Magyar said...

Thanks Gwilym!
__ Retes, Hungarian; Strudel, Germanic; Whirlpool, English: on, and on and on... life's spin. We pour another cup. _m

this swirl of time

sandy said...

i'm enjoying all the ones i've missed. i really like this.

rosy123 said...

votre site et vos créations sont magnifiques j'adore merci

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