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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

This thought was generated long ago by reading Howard Russell's book, "Indian New England Before the Mayflower."
__ According to this legend of Assawompset Pond and the Wampanoag people, Maize first grew at the grave of Mon-do-min. Mon-do-min, an old warrior, needed a small meal to remain alive. But Mon-do-min gave his meal to a dying woman, that meal would save her life. Thus, Maize was forever to be named... Mon-do-min.

from this moon of leaves
nature lives


Rachel said...

Lieber Magyar,
ganz fein gedacht, ja, ich bewundere dich wieder einmal mehr!!!
Übrigens gibt es bei uns Mais-Stärke, die Mondamin heißt.

Dir eine feine Zeit
von Herzen von der

Gwil W said...

Thank you. I'm a glutton for odd facts. One time I read about an old adventurer in the American wilderness who survived on a rasher of bacon he kept in his backpack. His name was Underdog. Perhaps it's just a story. But I'm intrigued when I come across such oddities.

Gillena Cox said...

Luv this legend and the way you crafted it into haiku

much love...

Danièle Duteil said...

Nice legend and haibun, Magyar !

Magyar said...

__ My thanks to you all, for your understanding and kind comments; Rachel, Gillena, Danielle, and Gwilym_! Soon, I hope to be more active. _m

vegahelp said...

I too love esoteric information and stories. I found the account you mentioned in a foot note of "History of the town of Middleboro, Massachusetts, By Thomas Weston." Cool story.

Magyar said...

__ I thank you, your understanding comment. Your notation of Weston's historic book was a reminder that has added so much to my and my wife's historic interest Middleboro, Plymouth, Lakeville. Thank you again_! _m

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