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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

__ Today, in some ISTD terms, our love's dance. Happy anniversary Kathy; this our 37th, happy and pleasurable year(s)... that have so quickly passed, but will never be lost... our years of love and friendship! 

our waltz
through these years


Sandy said...

Happy Anniversary to you both!

grapeling said...

time isn't itself
moving through the hollow years
- rather, we fall through

Gillena Cox said...

Happy Anniversary Doug!!!!!

slow step quick step -
let the dance continue
many more years

Thanks for dropping by my sumie-Sunday tday


Magyar said...

Our most deep appreciation, and thanks... to you all!
__ D and K

Timoteo said...

So lovely!

Ygraine said...

Oh wow...such a beautiful and moving tribute to your enduring love...really touched my heart!
I am so happy for you two...and hope you had a wonderful day! :))

Magyar said...

__ We fully enjoy each others company, and each other's input into our common union. We thank you all! _m