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Thursday, June 13, 2019

__ Ideas are dust; we all, will weave our dust. _m

the dust
afloat on histories breeze
ideas ravel 


Rachel said...

Lieber Magyar,
dein Gedanke gefällt mir sehr. Du hast wieder tief gedacht.
Liebe Grüße aus sommerlicher Hitze

Magyar said...

Thank you Rachel!
__ Our "dusty" thoughts always... 't'ravel', 'ravel', or un'ravel'... adding progressive thoughts to our "dusty" ideas. _m

Adelaide said...

the dust
afloat on histories breeze
ideas ravel Magyar

hidden in corners
the dust of many thoughts Adelaide

Magyar said...

__ Thank you Adelaide; we all know the dusty corners of thought_!
To follow your thought and words:

a sneeze
finds the hidden idea
dusty corner


Gwil W said...

In dusty corners
In Brussels
The spiders are spinning

Adelaide said...

to continue the thread and change of direction

spiders spinning
the many webs we create
in the name of love


Sandy said...

a changing world
this cold new trend

Crafty Green Poet said...

clever imagery here

rosy123 said...

j ai passé un bon moments et j en ai eue plein les yeux!!!
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