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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sounds of the pond, in the night's stillness.

night pond
crickets... frogs and rain
a distant highway


Devika said...

Nice scene, Magyar
Its like a setting for a movie, :)


Lorraine said...

so much more musical than cars... I like this very much!

Cindybrown said...

very nice! I love the sounds of nature!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I prefer to say a little bit more about content and form.
I mean the juxtaposition is well done. Pond (the pond of Basho, where the frog jumps?), the criquets (another traditional motive) and the rain (I remind of kus of the poor Issa about rain) are in a perfect position to the highway. The ku brings together nature and modern civilization.

Good example for kus!


nora said...

Lovely, Magyar. Reminds me of the lonesome highway...

Tikkis said...

in the deep forest --
There! The highway!

John McDonald said...

great music M

RBroeker said...

First thought: too much. Second thought: but a good story. Very complex in the beginning, just an exact moment when my mind works on it.

(Why should it be easy for the reader, when it was hard work for the poet?)

Best wishes

Laure said...

Magyar, so much wonderful sound in the foreground and just enough in the distant background.

Gillena Cox said...

i'm reading two haikus here;

one resonating the other; and in the second the addition of a constant before the interlude of stillness

very nice

much love

Magyar said...

My deepest thanks to all of you! _m