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Monday, August 23, 2010

The rain has blessed us; this first seen at... Wonder Haiku Worlds, 2007.

rains visit
I listen to your song
old friend


TALON said...

We've just had two solid days of most welcome rain. This senryu captures my feelings beautifully, Doug. :)

joo said...

We have definitely too much rain here...anyway, I love your haiku, as always:)

Lorraine said...

you have a wonderful relationship with Nature

Anonymous said...

NIce! I wish that old friend would visit here. I agree with Lorraine, you are definitely tuned to nature's happenings.

Devika said...

Very nice, my all time friend :)


Devika said...

Oh Magyar, i had to say this...what i said I Lorraine's y'day,

Why and where do our old fiends go away? Lorraine, you, me are all missing them,


Magyar said...

I thank you all, my friends!

__Dev... I wish I had a common and solid answer to your question... I can only say that life changes quickly, and sometimes we must silently respond to those changes.

The leaves fall
Others take their place
The life stories
Float away on the wind
And we...
Can only wonder

Devika said...

I understand Magyar, in all its depths...

ofcourse, unlike leaves floating in the wind, we are talking about people in flesh and blood, who ought to react to life's circumstances as poets/artists/thinkers....well, but as you say, differing life stories, changing priorities and choices...and we wonder,

But I hope they come back :)


Ashi said...

We had more than enough rain for many days to come. the city was flooded with water by rain and our local river (you can get the picture by this
so we have become a little nervous when it's raining :)

Magyar said...

__Here, this is our first -real-rain in a long time. Not as bad as Gillena's drought, yet we are happy
to have it. So sorry to hear of your flooding... best wishes, my friend! _m